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Rajlaxmi Industries’ History

“Quality Is Our Tradition!!”

A symbol of quality for over 21 years, the formation of Rajlaxmi Industries was first deliberated upon in 1990. Mr. & Mrs. Gorakhnath Vithhal Pawar established their fledgling company in Kolhapur, and from the very beginning it has been focused on the three core principles of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

There is no doubt that Rajlaxmi Industries provides the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary and, being the first company of its kind to establish itself in the Kolhapur’s marketplace, has become the preferred choice for discerning companies and organizations not only throughout the Kolhapur, but also further afield.

The company struggle a lot at start but with continuous improvisation in quality Rajlaxmi Industries become synonymous with the phrase ‘Don’t Expect the Usual Service, Expect More’.

That’s why today, as the recognized leader in several related fields, encompassing the supply, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of both industrial and commercial equipment, Rajlaxmi Industries offers quality, customized solutions for hotels, restaurants, bakeries, dairies, pharmaceutical companies,home and office furniture, educational institute ,hospital, wedding halls, catering companies in fact, anywhere that welcomes quality craftsmanship in every detail.

Offering technological mastery combined with uncommon elegance, Rajlaxmi Industries brings world-renowned engineering into your workspace.

About Us

Rajlaxmi Industries is a pioneering company that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment for discerning hotels, restaurants, bakeries, dairies, pharmaceutical companies, home and office furniture, educational institute, hospital, catering companies.

It is committed to improving the working lives of its customers by engineering solutions that make equipment safer, more efficient, and exceptionally cost-effective. Rajlaxmi Industries product innovations are focused on saving energy and helping customers to grow their businesses; a philosophy that is facilitated by the fact that the company sources only the finest materials and employs the latest technologies

From the initial product inception stage, the company carries out extensive prototype testing and design proving for both custom built and standard products, using ground-breaking tools and techniques. During manufacture rigorous quality checks are regularly made to ensure that the final product not only meets but also exceeds customer expectations.

Dedicated to delivering product and service excellence, Rajlaxmi Industries business model and equipment portfolio have been created to respond to its customers’ requirements to deliver ever-greater levels of quality and value: its highly trained and dedicated team of engineers using their analytical skills, practical experience and creative talents to provide leading edge and commercially astute solutions.

Rajlaxmi Industries was one of the first companies in its sector to be awarded ISO 9001-2000 accreditation, and quality assurance remains at the forefront of all of the company’s products and services.

Mission & Vision

“People Work Together”

Rajlaxmi Industries is committed to providing turnkey solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients through production of high quality products in accordance with both local and international quality standards. The company’s vision is to become the global market leader in the supply of high quality equipments by increasing its production capacity and further widening its customer-base through continuous upgrading of its production facility. Its mission is to exceed industry standards while delivering the service its customers deserve.

Of course, for some companies, mission statements are reserved for annual reports, but Rajlaxmi Industries has infused its culture with the inspirational principles that guide its business operations.

People: The greatest asset of a company is its people, and this is particularly true at Rajlaxmi Industries where its employees are part of an extended family.

Work: Everyone is equipped with the right skills and everyone has a job to do. The team at Rajlaxmi Industries are dedicated to providing value for customers with a range of products that are designed to meet any challenge.

Together: The owners, management and employees within the company have a shared objective which is only one Customer Satisfaction. This is a powerful concept, making the business more efficient, resourceful and competitive.

Rajlaxmi Industries is not here to be an also-ran. It is here to be a pioneer, to be the best, nothing less.

To sum up the intent of Rajlaxmi Industrie’s vision and mission statements is relatively easy to do – Quality Is Our Tradition. And to achieve this it must listen to them, anticipate their needs, and act to create value for their very specific and individual requirements.

Product Activities

With a range and diversity unmatched anywhere else, Rajlaxmi Industries designs, manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of equipments and industrial units, incorporating more than 15 variety production lines and more than 500 plus a wide range of other miscellaneous items and equipment

This quest for excellence is supported by Rajlaxmi Industrie’s refusal to compromise when it comes to raw materials, with the company going to great lengths to source and acquire first class materials for both its standard range and its bespoke work.

Rajlaxmi Industrie’s combination of design creativity and production skills gives catering companies a seamless service: from product design through to manufacture and on to installation. Indeed, its ability to create bespoke solutions means that clients, in addition to the ‘standard’ models they have to choose from, can order the finest kitchen equipment exclusively designed and made to their own explicit wants and needs.

A fully integrated computer system, which includes CAD facilities and the latest communication links, gives Rajlaxmi Industries the technology and flexibility to provide bespoke specifications for even the most complex and inclusive kitchen installation.

Rajlaxmi Industries also trades quality commercial equipment from leading manufacturers across the India. Nobody offers more variety or more choice, or a friendlier, more personal service.

Its state-of-the-art factory manufactures 70% of product lines, while 30% are traded from world-class manufacturers.

Whatever equipment Rajlaxmi Industries supplies though, you can guarantee it will provide added value, because the company only offers products that are renowned for their reliability, durability and the quality of the food they can produce. The company can also offer impartial advice regarding the most suitable equipment based on the customer’s budget, type of food, and the number of people served.

Our Quality

Rajlaxmi Industries” name is synonymous with engineering and build quality; its equipment is technically superior in every respect: the result of many years of research and development.

What makes Rajlaxmi Industries better than many of its competitors? The simple answer is that it offers better value, while providing higher levels of customer service and quality control. How does this affect a job? First, it means more attention to the small details many others overlook. Second, the company provide personalized customer service that does not end when the contract is signed. Finally, customers have a greater level of confidence knowing that the company has the experience to recognize obstacles before they become problems. These all help to make Rajlaxmi Industrie’s projects better by design.

Furthermore, the design of a project is always foremost in the minds of the team at Rajlaxmi Industries, with the company focused on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards. HACCP is internationally accepted as the system of choice for food safety management, with its approach providing a systematic way of identifying food safety hazards and making sure that they are being controlled day-in, day-out.

Working to ISO quality procedures, as well as its own rigorous in-house quality policy, Rajlaxmi Industries close attention to detail means that it checks and double-checks absolutely everything, right down to the last nut and bolt. What is more, each and every product is continually studied to see how it might be improved or, alternatively, lead to the creation of new products.

Our Factory

Rajlaxmi Industries’ production facilities are renowned for their precision engineering and unsurpassed craftsmanship.

Offering total solutions all under one roof, the company’s modern factory has steadily grown over the years to reach maximum production and maximum efficiency. This has been fuelled by the systems and procedures Rajlaxmi Industries has put in place, including different sectors all operating with their own supervisors.

What this means is that products and components are manufactured in separate, designated areas by multi-skilled teams. Each team is responsible for a specific product and process, including quality control and health and safety. This method of production has many benefits, including efficiency improvements due to increased motivation (team spirit and added responsibility given to different sectors) and workers sharing their skills and expertise. Rajlaxmi Industries tracks the progress of manufacture every step of the way, ensuring that production and delivery schedules are met.

Working with international standards, Rajlaxmi Industries brings its experience and commitment to quality to bear on every order:

  • The company manufactures on state-of-the-art equipment using the most highly developed and sophisticated production processes in the industry.
  • The facilities meet current international standards and regulations, plus hygiene and safety requirements.
  • By way of an extensive technology base, Rajlaxmi Industries can deliver solutions that meet specific and individual client needs.

Work Structure

As facilities become increasingly complex, sophisticated customers realize that although they are experts in their own field, successful engineering and installation projects are extremely complicated and require expertise across a number of specialist disciplines. For this reason they seek out Rajlaxmi Industries for creativity, financial stability, safety, and uncommon expertise, knowing that one good idea from this industry leader can save them both time and money.

Rajlaxmi Industries routinely proposes suggestions to improve quality, expedite project completion and provide the best value for the customer. The company’s managers study new jobs thoroughly; analyzing the project, anticipating complications, devising strategies, making plans. They draw on the advice of experts within the company and beyond when there are complex technical problems to solve.

Visiting the site to take necessary measurements and gather additional information, such as the location and suitability of electrical points, the water supply, and the actual size and shape of the space being utilised, Rajlaxmi Industries is able to give customers a good idea of what the finished workspace will look like. Once agreed, this information is then passed on to the design and engineering departments, with a production contract being drawn up alongside drawings that provide the layout, warranty, payment schedule and delivery date. Everything is completely crystal clear; there are no unexpected surprises when you deal with Rajlaxmi Industries.

So although a project may be complex, Rajlaxmi Industries goes to great lengths to simplify the entire design, manufacture and installation procedure for its customers. Bringing a whole new dimension to the workspace, Rajlaxmi Industries approaches each job in a professional manner in order to reflect the prestige of the brand.

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