At Rajlaxmi Industries we employ carefully selected and trained technicians who can deliver timely and efficient services at your doorstep for we acknowledge the importance of professionalism in providing customer care and service to your company thus ensuring insignificant downtime . Reliable delivery of spare parts and accessories can be expedited for our company maintains a complete range and substantial stock of service parts and accessories.

Our Service Support team is always at your complete disposal for they can be easily contacted either by phone or email to give you after sales service as well as technical support. We likewise offer all-inclusive maintenance contracts tailored to clients specific needs.

Simply contact our Customer Service Department to speed up any service calls and you can be assured that without delay your concern will be attended promptly. yes

Please contact our Customer Service Department at: +91 8855845588  by email at:

Maintenance Department

RajlaxmiIndustries provides customers with the total solution, with every stage of a job being carried out in-house. This is unique in the marketplace and has fuelled ongoing growth within the company, ensuring maximum efficiency. And the company does not ‘lose interest’ in the project as soon as its equipment been successfully installed. On the contrary, it is fiercely proud of its maintenance and after sales service, which makes the company the ideal business partner.

The Maintenance department at Rajlaxmi Industries which reaches into all corners of the INDIA and has one priority above all else – ensuring total customer satisfaction. Whether the requirement is for servicing and maintenance work or just the supply of parts and accessories, Rajlaxmi Industries’ trained service advisors and technicians provide a consultative approach, offering friendly sound advice without any pressure.

Rajlaxmi Industries understands that time is a very precious commodity, so the service it provides is designed to use up as little of it as possible. So whatever the problem – and wherever the problem – it will be sorted out quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Moreover, Rajlaxmi Industries carries a large stock of genuine parts, manufactured to exacting standards. The company’s experienced team of parts specialists is able to advise on the best approach for replacement, whether for older or more current models.

Project Management


Quality is a full time commitment at Rajlaxmi Industries, with the difference being in the details: that’s where Rajlaxmi Industries’ project management team come in.

Structured project management means managing the project in a logical, organized way, following defined steps. These steps include developing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion. It also includes managing the implementation of the project plan, along with operating regular ‘controls’ to ensure that there is accurate and objective information on ‘performance’ relative to the plan, and the mechanisms to implement recovery actions where necessary.

Working on all sizes and types of project, the Rajlaxmi Industries project management team ensures that the needs of the customer are met by the provision of a dedicated multidisciplinary workforce whose strengths are built on success, experience and the ability to plan, implement and evaluate at each stage of development. This allows Rajlaxmi Industries to provide a service that covers everything from A to Z, thereby enabling its customers to do what they do best, run their businesses, without any worries or distractions

Customized Products

Capturing the Spirit of Innovation…

As one of the  most renowned manufacturers in variety of equipments, Rajlaxmi Industries is able to offer a standard range of products available in numerous designs, shapes and sizes, and all are celebrated for their optimum quality, durability, and low maintenance. All products conform to international quality standards and can also be customized in accordance with customers’ requirements.

This capacity for customization underlines the fact that Rajlaxmi Industries is an innovator, not an imitator. With its equipment design service, you no longer have to choose a standard solution. Rajlaxmi Industries goes to great lengths to design, build and fit equipment that exactly match its customers’ requirements. This means that, whatever the size or shape of a workspace, the company can provide the best products and the best layout.

It is not limited to stainless steel either, offering a wide array of solutions in several materials; even producing counters for coffee shops, cold rooms, self service counters, hood ducting, and fish display chillers.

Installation Team

“Taking the Time to Explain”

Rajlaxmi Industries aims to achieve market leadership in all sectors by differentiating itself from its competitors and thus achieving higher levels of business and long-term relationships. As with every other department within the company, this is true of the installation team. Highly experienced and extremely qualified, they not only ensure that the installation runs smoothly but also take the time to explain to the  end-user everything there is to know about the product. When this has been done, the customer then signs to say that he has received training on every single product installed.

Once more, this detailed methodology ensures that there are no surprises in store for the company’s customers; for Rajlaxmi Industries knows the value of long-term relationships and believes that its approach is the correct one for all concerned.

Restaurant & Hotels Kitchen Equipment in Goa

Did you know whom top restaurants, hotels and caterers approach when they want industry-standard hotel kitchen equipment and restaurant kitchen equipment? They approach us at Rajlaxmi Industries, because they’re aware of our superior, proven experience in manufacturing kitchen equipments to global standards.  They know that when they want unparalleled quality and the best of craftsmanship, nothing beats our kitchen equipment.

We’ve provided High Quality Restaurant Kitchen Equipment for Decades
For decades we have supplied top quality Hotels and Restaurants kitchen equipment to businesses in Goa. We have won their trust over time. These businesses rely on our kitchen equipment so much that they know they don’t have to question anything, just use it. Our customers always come to us when they need newer kitchen equipment, and not to any other company in India. This is because they know no other company can match our superior construction and production quality

We Owe Our Success To Our Stringent Research And Quality Control Process
We combine our mastery over technology and a keen eye for elegance and aesthetics while making our products. It doesn’t matter whether our customers purchase any product from any variety of categories – each item will speak of the most stringent quality. Each product is the result of years spent into research and development. We test each design in several phases before approving the design for manufacture. Once manufactured, our rigorous in-house quality standards put the equipment through a test that only the toughest products can pass. This means that every nut, every bolt and every inch of our  equipment is checked and double-checked. We continue to do this till we ensure that our end product is the very best that it can be.

We Ensure The Highest Quality Customer Service
We don’t stop there. We ask for regular feedback and listen to our customers’ needs and requests. Through our dedicated customer service, we ensure that each customer is extremely happy with our product, our delivery service and post-sales support. We also take pains to listen to special requests if any, and custom-tailor products to fit your specificity. We don’t consider any request as too small, too big or too much of a challenge.

We Offer Unbeatable Value
When it comes to  equipment for any categories  our value is unbeatable. Look for similar quality commercial  equipment and check if you get it at the price we offer. We know that our prices are unbeatable and are proud of this fact.

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Ready to find out how Rajlaxmi Industries can help provide the equipment you need? Please contact our Customer Service Department at: +91 8855845588, by email at:

Catering Equipment Supplies in India

Rajlaxmi Industries offers total kitchen solutions for caterers. When you need the finest kitchen catering equipment in India, trust the company that has been offering kitchen expertise since 1990. With an extensive range of industrial catering equipment custom manufactured to fit your unique needs, rajlaxmi Industries offers you the very best in design, quality, and service.

  • Elegant designs—Ovens, prep tables, salad bars, grills…you name it, we make it. Rajlaxmi Industries has been manufacturing restaurant catering equipment in india for decades. Every product that we manufacture is based on years of extensive research and testing. Your catering equipment will be custom designed with your specific needs in mind. Our mission is to create innovative, value-driven solutions to your biggest challenges.
  • Uncompromising quality—Quality is more than just a word—it’s our promise. The pursuit of unmatched quality drives us every day. We are constantly striving to find innovative ways to improve our products, so that you can get the best catering equipment in India . Not only do our products meet and exceed the widely accepted standards in our industry, but they also undergo our rigorous quality testing with sharp attention to every detail, ensuring you get the best products on the market today.
  • Personal service—You will always receive friendly personal service from Rajlaxmi Industries. We take the time to get to know each customer. We listen to your needs, come up with creative solutions, and execute them flawlessly by tailoring each product to suit your individual requirements. Your satisfaction is always our top goal.

Experience You Can Trust

We offer decades of experience manufacturing, installing, and maintaining catering equipments in India. Over the years, we’ve served countless clients, from emerging caterers to the India’s biggest brands in hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, and industries.

Our expertise is unmatched in the industry. There is no challenge too big for us to handle. No matter what your unique project requirements, we’ll deploy our years of experience and deep industry knowledge to create an innovative solution that’s just right for you.

Trust the company that has been manufacturing, installing, and servicing kitchen catering equipment in India for decades. Turn to Rajlaxmi Industries for all of your industrial catering equipment needs.

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